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The Cost of Doing Nothing Banner - Solar Alternatives

In addition to significant environmental benefits, solar energy provides a remarkably reliable investment opportunity with an attractive financial return on investment (ROI). Most solar systems average about a 20% ROI per year and pay for themselves within five years. With a guaranteed life expectancy of 25 years (covered by warranty), solar delivers decades of predictable […]

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As more business and homeowners experience the benefits of solar, shifting federal and local policies now encourage renewable energy generation. A growing number of states and localities offer incentives (as seen in federal tax credits, for example) to investors in clean energy systems. Though policy can vary from state to state, many choose net metering […]

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Do I Need a Critter Guard Banner - Solar Alternatives

When your home or business is your biggest investment, preventative maintenance can often add considerable value– saving you time and money in the process. Caring for and optimizing a clean energy system in the proper way will help you enjoy peak performance and benefits for many years. Since solar panels are typically located on rooftops […]

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Solar Backup Power - Solar Alternatives

In the wake of increasing instances of extreme weather, power failures and soaring energy prices have many concerned about energy sources. The good news is that powering your home with stable, reliable, and grid-independent energy is possible. By installing solar backup power to go along with your rooftop solar system, you can power through potential […]

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Do you know if your solar system is still operating as it did when it was installed? Do you know how much it saved you last month? Last year? In today’s modern world, it seems nearly everything is accessible at your fingertips. You can track your friends’ locations, monitor the weather, see how your favorite […]

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How To Read Your Utility Bill - Solar Alternatives

In our last feature, we unpacked why utility bills are on the rise. In Part II of our two-part feature, we take a dive into utility bills. Specifically, how to read them, what customers are paying for, and why these aspects of a bill are important to understand. Chances are that most residents pay their […]

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