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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

How Solar Creates Energy Independence

Through this weekend of fireworks, hot dogs, and parades, we continue to recognize the significance of our independence. Now more than ever, clean energy plays a large role in creating stronger, more resilient, and more independent communities. A growing number of home and business owners discover what it means to be “energy independent” each day. With every new home or business that goes solar, pressure eases on local infrastructure, utilities, and communities to purchase and transport energy. This growing independence from the grid results in a number of local and individual benefits.


Why does energy independence matter?

The technology surrounding solar energy generation has progressed so much in the past decade that it’s possible for homeowners to become their own energy providers. When a homeowner generates their own energy, they can lower their dependence on the grid becoming more “energy independent.” With more energy independence, a homeowner becomes less vulnerable to fluctuating utility rates, grid outages, and severe weather events.

Energy independence benefits not just your home and family— but your community, your utility, and your environment. Independently produced clean energy decreases community reliance on grid energy, therefore lowering utility rates, emissions, and frequency of outages. Though it takes a fairly large system equipped with backup batteries to be completely independent from the grid (otherwise known as “off-grid”), even a simple array of solar panels can go a long way in increasing energy independence.


How can I become more energy independent?

Installing solar panels is one of the easiest and most effective ways to gain energy independence. Solar panels will immediately lower energy bills through daytime energy use and net metering. Backup batteries such as the Enphase Encharge, Tesla Powerwall, and Generac PWRCell can store excess energy generated by panels during the daytime to be used at night or during inclement weather. Depending on the size and scope, these batteries and can provide backup power for anything from essential appliances to whole home backup. These modern systems are even compatible with electric vehicles (EVs) so you power your car with free, unlimited solar energy generated by your home.


Bottom Line

It’s rare to find an opportunity that benefits you, your community, and your country. Every home or business that makes the switch to solar reduces the demand for utility energy. This in turn reduces harmful emissions, lowers energy costs for those burdened by high rates, and increases grid stability.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Increase your energy independence with clean, reliable solar energy today. Contact us for a free consultation.