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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

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Baton Rouge, LA

Solar Alternatives: Tailored Solar Solutions for Homes and Businesses in Baton Rouge

Discover the Future of Energy Efficiency With Solar Alternatives

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Residential Solar Energy Solutions in Baton Rouge:

Unlock the potential of solar energy for your home with Solar Alternatives. Our residential solar energy systems empower homeowners to harness the sun’s energy, converting it into sustainable power right within their own homes. Experience the following benefits:

  • Remarkable Energy Efficiency: Lower your monthly bills by up to 95% with our energy-efficient solar systems.
  • Grid Interaction: Contribute excess energy back to the grid during peak times, maximizing your solar investment.

Commercial Solar Installation in Baton Rouge

At Solar Alternatives, we extend our expertise beyond residential properties to cater to the unique energy needs of commercial buildings in Baton Rouge. Our energy experts specialize in designing custom-fitted solar electric (photovoltaic or “PV”) systems for commercial solar energy systems, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Key Advantages of Going Solar with Solar Alternatives:

  1. Rapid Return on Investment: Offset your initial investment in as little as 2-4 years by switching to solar power.
  2. Long Lifespan: Enjoy the benefits of solar energy for decades with an average system lifespan of 25-30 years.
  3. Grid Safety and Backup: While our solar systems are securely connected to the grid for enhanced safety, we also offer solar generator backup systems for uninterrupted power supply, ensuring you never have to worry about outages.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to save on energy costs or a business aiming for sustainable practices, Solar Alternatives provides tailored solar solutions in Baton Rouge. Join us in the clean energy revolution and secure a brighter, greener future for your property.

Contact Solar Alternatives today for a personalized consultation and explore how solar energy can transform your home or business in Baton Rouge.

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Why Solar Power is Your Ticket to a Brighter Future

The great thing about switching to solar energy with Solar Alternatives is that every reason is a good reason. From the massive savings to the environmental benefits, to the investment you’re making in your property’s future, there’s not much that going solar can’t do. Here in the Gulf Coast, switching to solar has even proven to conserve energy after storms.

Here’s why switching to solar with Solar Alternatives is the smartest move you’ll make:

Slash Your Energy Costs: Imagine pocketing thousands each year. Our systems can cut your monthly bills up to 95%, putting that money back in your pocket for vacations, home improvements, or whatever makes you smile.

Become Energy Independent: Ditch the grid! Harness the power of the sun and generate your own clean energy. Be unfazed by power outages with our reliable backup systems.

Boost Your Property Value: Solar panels are a coveted feature, adding up to $15,000 to your home’s value. Attract eco-conscious buyers and future-proof your investment.

Invest in the Planet: Say goodbye to fossil fuels and embrace sustainability. Reduce your carbon footprint and join the fight against climate change. Feel good knowing you’re making a positive impact for generations to come.

The electrical engineers, project managers, and solar specialists at our Baton Rouge solar panel company have been serving this region since 2008, and have assisted literally thousands of homeowners and property owners in making the switch over the past decade-plus. We have the skills, experience, and training necessary to provide solar installation in a timely and efficient manner.

When you make the switch with Solar Alternatives, you get:

  • Potential savings of over $50,000 during your system’s lifetime
  • Up to a 30% federal tax credit on installation
  • Reliable backup power
  • A safeguard against annual energy increases
  • An addition to your home’s resale value of up to $15,000
  • Zero-down and long-term payment options to make installation easy

In Baton Rouge & Across the Gulf Coast, Customers Trust Solar Alternatives

At Solar Alternatives, customers in Baton Rouge and beyond love our services because we always take their needs into account. We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from clean energy, regardless of what they have in the bank. Our high-quality installations are designed to fit with any budget and property type, and we promise to go above and beyond to find a price point that works for you.

Peace of Mind With Solar Alternatives

We are trusted in Baton Rouge and across the Gulf Coast because:

  • Quality: We use only certified, engineered solar products — many of which are US-made for maximum performance and durability.
  • Curb Appeal: We integrate attractive designs into each unique home.
  • Experience: We have the experience and qualifications to install on historic properties. Since 2008, we’ve helped thousands go solar.
  • Partnerships: We’ve built great relationships with many homeowner associations.
  • Competence: Our certified installers are attentive, professional and efficient.
  • Credibility: We’re an authorized installer for all major solar manufacturers.
  • Recognitions: We’ve been awarded top marks from the BBB and Angie’s List.
  • Flexibility: We offer low-cost financing.
  • Support: We’re here for you every step of the way, with exceptional customer service.

Ready to unlock the power of solar?

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