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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

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More Than Solar: Upgrade Your Whole Home

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Additional Services

Additional Energy Services

More than just solar, we understand how energy moves through your home and how to improve its overall efficiency. 

Solar Attic Fan

Solar Attic Fan Use the clean energy from the Sun to keep attic spaces cooler during the summer.

Solar ventilation systems work to reduce heat and moisture buildup in an attic, which increases efficiency in your A/C ducts and reduces the amount of ambient heat leaking into the home.

Attic fans feature a lifetime warranty and automated controls for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water System A highly efficient solar hot water system uses the sun’s energy to provide for up to 80% of your home’s yearly hot water needs.

Solar hot water systems always feature backup heat sources to ensure 24/7 availability and provide decades of service.

Compact and highly efficient, a solar hot water system is easily integrated into every home’s water system.

Energy Upgrades

As utility bills continue to rise, the most cost-effective way to improve home comfort and reduce energy consumption is to start with a home’s efficiency.

Our home energy experts will perform an energy audit to identify where energy losses are most severe, providing a priority list of issues and suggesting improvements.

BPI-certified solar installation service technicians will follow-up with quick, professional repairs to maximize your home performance.

Upgrade Services include:

    • Blower Door Test to identify leaks and gaps
    • Foam Insulation around plumbing penetrations and leaks in the attic
    • Caulking around windows and doors
    • Installation of Smart Thermostat
    • LED Lighting Retrofits
    • A/C Duct Sealing
    • Attic Door Tent
    • Thermal imaging
    • Open and Closed Cell Foam insulation
      • Open for your Attic
      • Closed for Subfloor
    • HVAC coil and condenser cleaning and tuneup

Kohler Stand by Generators in New Orleans

With storms becoming more frequent and family security at risk, backup power is more important than ever.

Full-home standby power is available today with premium reliable Kohler Generators.

As an Authorized Distributor, our New Orleans generator technicians can develop solutions specific to your home’s needs.

During an outage, watch TV and A/C in safety and comfort using energy generated by your Kohler Generator. Already have a generator installed?

Maintenance is available on existing installations to make sure you’re ready when the power goes out. We proudly serve the Gulf Coast region and beyond.

Call Solar Alternatives today at (504) 294-3650 for a no-obligation consultation, and find out how to cut the costs of your energy bills with our New Orleans solar services and products.