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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

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Tesla Solar Roof

Bring Your Home To Life

Tesla Solar Roof is the most beautiful roof on the market to power your home with clean solar energy. The solar roof tiles are designed to look and offer the same protection as traditional asphalt shingles while generating solar electricity simultaneously. Any excess solar energy can then be stored in a Powerwall battery for later use, increasing the system’s overall cost efficiency and energy availability. With a seamless design, each tile looks great up close or from the street, complementing your home’s natural aesthetic styling.


Tesla Solar Roof Benefits

  • Able to keep your home’s aesthetic
  • Store backup power to use at night
  • Save money on energy
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance than a regular roof


Solar Alternatives is proud to be an authorized Tesla installer for Tesla Solar Roofs and Powerwalls. Only an Authorized Installer can purchase and install Tesla Solar Roofs.

If you want to learn more about the Tesla Solar Roof and other energy storage options, call Solar Alternatives at (504)-294-3650.



Invisible Solar

Each solar and nonsolar tile is virtually indistinguishable in color and trims with a fully integrated design. Your brand-new roof delivers no aesthetic compromise and looks incredible from any angle.

Built To Last

Glass solar tiles, architectural-grade steel tiles, vent covers, and ridge caps come together to form a durable and powerful roof. They are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability, including active snow/ice melting.

Maximum Solar Generation

Maximize your solar production with more tiles—that generate more energy. With a single, larger tile in each module, you can drastically increase how much energy you produce to fit your energy needs.

Best Value

Pay less for electricity and replace your current roof! As a fully integrated system, Solar Roof helps pay for itself with the energy it produces. It can maximize your solar generation and help you take control of your monthly electricity bill.

Efficient Installation

Engineered in-house with fewer parts, Solar Roof, can be installed in a matter of days with complete modularity and advanced drone analysis, including comprehensive sun and shade modeling.

Contact our solar consultants today at (504)-294-3650 to discuss how a Powerwall can add value to your solar system.



Energy Independence

Combine Solar Roof with Powerwall, a compact home battery, to rely less on utility power and provide you with 24/7 energy security. It stores the energy you produce with Solar Roof so you can power your home anytime.

Monitor your system with the Tesla app. You can monitor your energy production in real-time from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access.

Specs For Solar Roof

Tile Warranty 25 Years

Power Warranty 25 years

Weatherization Warranty 25 years

Roof Pitch 9.5° to 45°

Hail Rating Class 3 ANSI FM 4473

Wind Rating Class F ASTM D3161