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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

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Clean Energy Solutions For Your Home

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    Contact the Solar Alternatives team for a no-cost breakdown of which solar and energy products make the most sense for your home. We provide the best solar panels for homes.
    Our professional installation team ensures your new solar products are installed to fit the specific needs of your home.
    Once install is complete, our activation team flips the switch and gets your system running smoothly while our monitoring team takes over and makes sure you receive the production we said you would or we’ll fix it.

Residential Solar Panels Installation: Making the Switch to Clean Energy at Home

A well-maintained system is a small price to pay for the decades of value clean energy provides.

A lack of proper monitoring and maintenance results in the number one reason for lost production in residential solar energy systems.

Poor maintenance can result in up to 30% energy loss in a typical solar PV and solar thermal system before symptoms are visible to the owner.

Just like any major appliance or system in a home, solar requires regular maintenance and observation to optimize performance.

Solar Alternative’s Residential Solar Panels

Our solar panel service technicians are trained to maximize performance in a system through maintenance and monitoring—regardless of who installed it.

Solar Alternatives O&M staff is built around trained experts with NABCEP certification and years of field experience. Crew members include electrical engineers, licensed electricians, certified roofers, and plumbers.

Solar Alternatives offers solar monitoring as a convenient method to optimize system performance and stay up-to-date on any maintenance needs.

Service is available for solar PV, home batteries (solar generators), solar pool heat installations, and solar water heating systems.

Our service team also maintains standby generators with factory-certified technicians.

Service is available on all residential solar systems in New Orleans.

If you have a solar installation and are unsure of its status, need annual maintenance or cleaning, are curious about upgrading an older system, or just need help with title transfer documentation, the O&M team can help get your system up to its original working condition.

Residential Services:

Residential Solar Panel Installation by Solar Alternatives, the leading solar power company in Louisiana, Mississippi & Texas

  • Troubleshooting: Most production and service problems can be repaired in a single technician visit. The team will also handle warranty claims with all manufacturers on your behalf.
  • Emergency: If a problem is a risk to human safety, the techs can dispatch for emergency service 24 hours a day.
  • Regular maintenance: Periodic inspection and testing will ensure your system is safe, functional, and performing at maximum power. A small investment that pays itself off in confidence and value.
  • Panel Cleaning: Soiled panels can greatly impact production, especially in areas that experience more airborne dust and debris. Cleaning is quick and affordable.
  • System Inspection/Transfer: Whether you’re buying or already own a house, it pays to know about its system inspection. Solar Alternatives can help. Transfer paperwork is also available for manufacturers and leased installations.
  • System extension: Adding more panels can provide extra power and savings with increased efficiency at a lower installed cost.
  • Critter Guard: Occasionally wildlife will find its way into your system and start doing damage. This is one of the most common issues in rural installations after a few years. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to install a guard system that prevents further damage. Read more here.

Maintenance and monitoring are a critical part of your solar system, and their modest cost is more than made up for with production and reliability.

Learn more about home solar maintenance and solar installation service today.

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Why Solar?
  • Money-Saving Tax Credits
  • Lower Demand Costs
  • Higher Business Promotional Value
  • Higher Asset Values
  • Standby Power Potential
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Accelerated Depreciation Tax Benefits
  • Lower Energy Rate Risks
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Equipment Grant Opportunities