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SOLAR  101: How Clean Energy Can Work for You

Solar Power in Louisiana - Solar AlternativesEnergy from the sun is the most abundant source of power in the world. Harnessing that energy, solar panel systems convert the sun’s rays into electricity that can power and heat your home.

Through the installation of photovoltaic “PV” panels, clean energy from the sun is converted into usable electrical power. Solar PV has been the leading solar technology for many years and is fine-tuned to meet the energy demand of each property.

When paired with battery storage, these energy management systems can produce enough power to lower bills by up to 95%, and also allow the owner to sell energy back to the grid during peak times of the day.


A Source of Value for Decades

Through efficient energy management, savings generated by PV and battery storage systems repay the initial investment in a few short years. In fact, solar systems continue to generate power throughout their lifespans, which can average 25-30 years. Over time, as the cost of electricity rises, savings can actually increase through the life of the system.


Energy Storage Systems Keep You Powered 24/7

Because solar systems are connected to the utility grid, when the power goes out, these systems will also shut down. For critical power in the event of an outage, a backup storage solution is recommended. With high quality options like the Tesla Powerwall and Generac PWRCell, Solar Alternatives can keep you up and running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – even when the grid goes down.


The Case For Clean Energy

From savings to environmental impact, there are many major benefits that solar power provides to home and business owners alike. Considered together, they make a compelling case for investing in clean energy systems:

  • Lower energy bills: Reduced dependence the grid means lower energy bills. Since solar systems are connected to the local utility, any excess power generated is sent to the grid.  You may even receive a credit for the contribution.
  • Sustainable power: As a renewable resource, solar energy is one of the cleanest and most direct ways to reduce your carbon footprint and the pollution caused by other sources of energy.
  • Minimal maintenance costs: Solar technology is designed to be resilient. A well maintained system is small price to pay for the decades of value clean energy provides.

Solar customers are making a better tomorrow and enjoying savings today.

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Why Solar?
  • Money-Saving Tax Credits
  • Lower Demand Costs
  • Higher Business Promotional Value
  • Higher Asset Values
  • Standby Power Potential
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Accelerated Depreciation Tax Benefits
  • Lower Energy Rate Risks
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Equipment Grant Opportunities