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Marigny Opera House Goes Green with Cutting-Edge Solar System


The Marigny Opera House in New Orleans has made a big step towards a greener future by launching its 32.56 kilowatt solar system. As one of the art industry’s largest directly sourced renewable electricity projects, the Marigny Opera House is preserving its historical character and positively impacting the environment.



Built initially as Holy Trinity Catholic Church, the Marigny Opera House has a rich history and is now a beloved performing arts center in the city. With its vibrant cultural scene and its commitment to sustainability, the Marigny Opera House is a true gem in New Orleans. The solar project, which was developed in partnership with Solar Alternatives, features 88 panels arranged across two south-facing roof planes and will produce megawatt-hours of renewable electricity each year.

The solar system is not only environmentally friendly, but it is also financially smart. The estimated savings in the first year alone is $6,200, and over the 30-year lifetime of the system, it will save more than $257,000. Solar Alternatives’ CEO, Jeffrey Cantin, praised the Marigny Opera House for its leadership in climate change, renewable energy, and sustainability with this groundbreaking investment. The Opera House is an excellent example of how preservation and clean energy can coexist and even enhance the financial security of valuable arts communities.


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The Marigny Opera House is a shining example of how historic preservation and sustainable energy coexist harmoniously. Their successful solar project showcases their commitment to preserving the planet’s future through renewable energy.

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