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State Credit Change - Solalt

Did you purchase solar before July 1, 2015 and are affected by changes in the Louisiana solar credit program? Please see these resources for how to improve your likelihood of receiving a credit as well as minimize any costs in doing so, assembled by SA owner and GSREIA member Jeff Cantin: http://lasolarhelp.com NOTE! There is […]

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Solar Panel Safety Practices

In light of recent losses due to flooding, we want to express our deepest sympathies for those who have experienced loss. If you live in an area affected by recent floods in Louisiana, your solar system electronics may have received water damage. Please be aware of special safety requirements for solar systems that may apply […]

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Sonnen home battery

If you’ve been waiting for a home battery system that is reliable, powerful and affordable, a new option from German company Sonnen looks to be the best product available. Sonnen Batterie uses lithium-Iron-Ion technology to safely and efficiently store energy to power your home in the case of outages, high rate periods, excess solar production […]

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Solar Tax Credits

In December 2015, the generous federal tax credit for solar energy were renewed by wide margins in the US House and Senate. The extended credit program will continue to provide 30% of the value of an installed solar system as a credit against tax owed for both homeowners and businesses. The credit applies to solar […]

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solar panels

Citing a long tradition in church scripture for the dignity of life and concern for the poor and vulnerable, Pope Francis has begun a campaign toward global development of more sustainable energy sources. His support for green energy, in particular, could mark a turning point for the technology. Advocating for Green Energy Led by Pope […]

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