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Questions to ask a solar company to protect yourself- By Solar Alternatives

10 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Solar Company


Asking a solar company detailed questions before installing solar panels is crucial. The right solar company can provide important information about solar energy benefits, installation, financing, and maintenance.


Here are 10 key questions to ask when choosing a solar company:


1.) What experience do you have in installing solar systems?
Solar Alternatives is a highly experienced EPC solar company that has been in business for 15 years. This extensive experience makes us one of the market’s most knowledgeable and reliable solar companies. We proudly serve customers across the Gulf South. Our team of solar experts has a proven track record of delivering successful solar solutions to homes, businesses, and communities throughout the region.


2.) Are you licensed and insured?
Solar Alternatives specializes in solar energy solutions and has been licensed to operate in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas since 2008. This shows our commitment to providing reliable services and adhering to regulations for sustainable operations. Customers can trust our experience and expertise as a solar energy provider.


3.) What types of financing options do you offer for solar installation?
Solar Alternatives offers convenient and affordable financing options with no upfront fees and competitive interest rates. Our flexible payment plans and customizable terms enable every customer to access our premium energy and roofing solutions while choosing a payment plan that suits their budget and needs.


4.) Can you provide a detailed proposal that outlines the costs and expected savings?
Solar Alternatives is committed to providing its customers comprehensive information regarding the cost and expected savings associated with solar energy systems. As a potential customer, we will provide a detailed proposal from the company outlining the costs and anticipated savings related to installing your solar energy system.


5.) What kind of solar panel brands and models do you offer?
Solar Alternatives prides itself on offering a diverse range of equipment options to our customers. We understand that every customer’s energy needs and preferences are unique, so we provide a variety of tier-1 equipment and cutting-edge technology in the clean energy industry. Our team stays updated with the latest trends and advancements in the industry to provide our customers with the most innovative and efficient solutions available.


6.) Do you handle the permitting process for the installation?
Solar Alternatives is your go-to solar energy provider for a hassle-free experience. The company handles the entire permitting process on your behalf, including all the necessary paperwork and applications. You don’t have to worry about dealing with complex regulations and government agencies. We have years of experience working with these regulatory bodies and understand the guidelines and requirements necessary to obtain permits and approvals.


7.) What kind of warranties and guarantees do you offer?
To ensure peace of mind in case of any malfunctions or issues, our premium certifications and partnerships allow us to provide our customers with unparalleled 25-year warranties on residential solar panels, battery backups, workmanship, and performance guarantees. We stand behind the quality of our work and products, ensuring that our customers can rely on their solar energy systems for many years to come.


8.) What is your installation process, and how long does it typically take?
Solar Alternatives is committed to providing its customers with a hassle-free experience when it comes to the installation of solar energy systems. We strive to make the installation process as quick and efficient as possible, typically completing the installation within one to two days. This means you can have your solar energy system up and running quickly, enjoying the benefits of renewable energy and reduced energy bills.


9.) How do you handle maintenance and repairs?
Solar Alternatives offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service for their solar systems. We provide regular check-ups to ensure the system is functioning optimally and will conduct necessary repairs as quickly as possible. In case of any issues or concerns, customers can contact our support team for assistance. More importantly, your product warranties may cover the expenses of repairs or replacements needed within the specified period.


10.) Do you have any certifications or awards in the solar industry?
Solar Alternatives is a highly-decorated solar energy company with various certifications and awards in the industry. We are recognized as one of the Top Growing Companies in Louisiana, the Number 1 Growing Energy Company in Louisiana, and one of the Top 50 Growing Energy Companies in the US. We have also been featured in the Inc 5000 list for two consecutive years and are a Tesla Certified Installer. These accolades showcase our company’s dedication to delivering exceptional solar energy solutions and customer service.


Solar Alternatives is the right solar company for anyone looking to switch to clean energy systems and management solutions in the Gulf South. With decades of experience, Solar Alternatives has built a team of electrical engineers, project managers, and procurement experts who work tirelessly to design energy management systems tailored to each client’s unique needs. By utilizing the latest solar and energy storage technology, Solar Alternatives can provide top-notch services that significantly promote a sustainable future for the region. Whether you’re a commercial or residential client, Solar Alternatives offers a green choice that suits all properties. If you’re interested in learning more about how Solar Alternatives can help you switch to clean energy, give us a call at (877) 776-5258 to speak with one of their solar specialists.