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Solar EPC vs Solar Dealer: Which Is Right For You? - By Solar Alternatives Louisiana & Mississippi

Working with a Solar EPC vs Solar Dealer: Know The Difference


Solar energy is a rapidly growing industry, and with more and more people looking to transition to renewable energy sources, it’s essential to know the difference between working with a solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) and a Solar Dealer.


What is an EPC Company?


An EPC company is a one-stop shop for solar panel installation and manages the entire process in-house, from design and engineering to procurement and construction. They have a team of experienced professionals responsible for every aspect of the project, ensuring quality, ease of doing business, and performance. Working with an EPC is an excellent choice for those who want to simplify the process and have the peace of mind that experts are handling everything.


What is a Solar Dealer?


On the other hand, a Solar Dealer often outsources various aspects of the solar process, such as engineering, project management, or solar panel installation, to sub-contractors. While this approach can lower costs, it also increases the risk of miscommunication and errors, as multiple companies are involved. It can make it harder to know what work is done and by whom. Additionally, if an issue needs to be resolved or a system requires future service, homeowners can be left wondering who to turn to.


Solar Lead Generators, Brokers, and Dealers Explained


When considering going solar, you may encounter many different types of companies. Researching and understanding the different types of companies you may interact with is very important. Lead generators, brokers, and solar dealers all play different roles in the solar industry and can impact the quality of the work performed on your solar panel system. Lead generators collect and sell your information to other companies as a lead, which can often differ from the company performing the work. Brokers can be a practical option for those who need more confidence in their ability to compare solar companies and proposals but be aware that they will take a commission for their services. Solar dealers sell equipment and services on behalf of another company or subcontract out the work, making it essential to understand who will perform the work and who is responsible for any service or warranty work in the future.

Before committing to a solar company, do your due diligence and research its reputation and any subcontractors they may use. Ask your solar advisor about the scope of work, who will be performing it, and get a clear understanding of who is responsible for any service or warranty work. By taking the time to understand the different types of companies in the solar industry and doing your research, you can ensure that you are choosing a reputable company that will provide quality work on your solar panel system.


Here’s a breakdown of the various types of solar companies:


  • Solar Equipment Manufacturers: These companies produce solar panels but generally do not offer installation or financing services.
  • Solar Finance Companies: These companies help finance the purchase of solar energy systems and often collaborate with solar dealers and installers.
  • Solar Lead Generation Companies: These companies generate leads for other solar companies and serve as a marketing and advertising agency for solar.
  • Solar Dealers: These companies can sell solar products and services on behalf of another company, often hiring independent contractors as their sales team and subcontractors for installation.
  • Solar Installers (subcontractors): These companies solely install solar panels for other solar dealers who have contracted them to do the work.
  • Solar Brokers: Like real estate brokers, solar brokers can provide you with multiple bids on solar, unlike lead generation companies that sell your contact information to numerous solar companies.
  • Solar EPCs (turn-key solar installers): These solar companies manage every aspect of the solar process, from advertising and sales to design, project management, installation, and maintenance.

As a full-service solar EPC company, Solar Alternatives handles every step of your solar project in-house: sales, financing, engineering, solar design, and installation, ensuring quality, convenience, and performance. Our dedicated service department is also available for a wide range of post-installation needs, from annual maintenance to system expansion and upgrades. To speak with one of our solar specialists, call us at (877) 776-5258.