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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

Empowering Your Solar System: Exploring Upgrade Options with Solar Alternatives


The age of solar energy has transformed our approach to powering homes, offering sustainable electricity alternatives. Those who adopted this technology early on have enjoyed years of energy from their solar systems. However, solar panels may experience wear and tear as time passes, leading to reduced efficiency. If your solar system is no longer meeting expectations, this blog will explore upgrade possibilities to boost your solar system’s performance, with Solar Alternatives leading the way.


Option 1: Replacing Individual Components

Should you notice specific components in your solar system underperforming, consider upgrading them with Solar Alternatives’ cutting-edge solutions. Our team of experts will help you identify defective parts and offer suggestions to replace them with high-quality, efficient alternatives. Before proceeding, let’s look at the key considerations.

a) Solar Panels:

If you find issues like microcracks or delamination affecting individual panels, Solar Alternatives can help you swap them out. Our extensive experience ensures you get the best-fit replacements for your specific system. Remember that matching electrical specifications between old and new panels is crucial to maintaining compatibility and optimizing performance.

b) Inverters:

As the heart of your solar system, inverters play a vital role in converting solar energy into usable electricity. If you’re experiencing performance dips, Solar Alternatives can assist you in upgrading your inverters. Whether it’s microinverters for greater efficiency or reliable string inverters, our team will guide you through the process.


Option 2: Embrace a Complete System Upgrade

A comprehensive overhaul may be ideal if your solar system has aged considerably, impacting multiple components. You can benefit from a brand-new system designed for optimal performance by choosing Solar Alternatives’ expertise. Our cutting-edge panels and advanced inverters promise increased energy production, efficiently powering your home.

While a complete system replacement entails upfront costs, Solar Alternatives ensures you receive top-notch installation services and a system built to last, maximizing your long-term savings.


Option 3: Expand Your Solar Horizon

Solar Alternatives offers a seamless expansion solution if your current solar system is still functional, but you desire greater energy production. Our team will assess your space and skillfully integrate additional panels to complement your existing setup. By embracing modern, high-efficiency panels, you can achieve enhanced power output and reduce reliance on traditional electricity sources.


Upgrading Your Roof? Consider Solar Alternatives for Seamless Integration

If you plan to replace your roof, there’s an essential factor to consider if you have a solar system installed: the solar panels will need to be removed before the roof replacement project can commence. For homeowners with an aging solar system nearing the end of its life, this presents an opportunity to streamline the process by considering a complete system replacement. Doing so can reduce the number of installations required, saving time and effort.



With Solar Alternatives at the helm, upgrading your solar system is an empowering journey toward greener living. Whether replacing individual components, opting for a complete system upgrade, or expanding your solar horizon, their expertise guarantees a seamless and efficient transition. As you consider your upgrade options, trust Solar Alternatives to harness the sun’s power to its fullest potential, empowering your home with clean and sustainable energy for years to come. Contact us today and make an appointment with our solar experts at 504.0294.3766 or complete our form.