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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

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Solar For All NOLA

What is the Solar for All NOLA Program? The City of New Orleans and The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance have partnered with local experts to bring affordable solar energy to the community. Solar Alternatives is a key partner, committed to delivering free information, site-assessments, and quotes for all residents and business owners in the greater New Orleans metropolitan area. There is no cost to participate in the program, and to learn about solar and energy saving measures and incentives available.

Did you know? New Orleans as recently as 2016 was in the top ten of solar PV per capita in the country! Other cities have since caught up, and New Orleans leaders are ready to move back into a leadership position in lowering energy cost and carbon emissions for home and business owners.

Solar for All NOLA is led by the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance (GNOHA), a nonprofit that advocates for affordable housing and energy bills for New Orleans families and businesses. Mayor Cantrell and the City of New Orleans have also committed to connecting program benefits with the public. “We are committed to building stronger and sustainable green infrastructure for our city – especially for our homeowners and small business owners[1],” says Cantrell. “This effort gives families and people in our city the chance to do the right thing for the environment, the right thing for their household-budget, and it puts New Orleans at the forefront of smart, creative, clean energy.”

Solar Energy in NOLA - Solar Alternatives

While driving down Interstate 10, the concentration of solar panel arrays in the city is very visible. New Orleans has many historic and older homes, often needing significant energy efficiency improvements. Even many modern homes are not built to code for the hot humid climate, which impacts electricity used by air conditioning systems, and increasing power bills. As a result, solar energy and energy efficiency is an opportunity for residents of the Crescent City to improve standard of living and reduce energy poverty. With the backing of the Mayor’s Office and GNOHA, Solar Alternatives is pledging to help all New Orleans home and business owners explore how solar can make life better.

Solar for All NOLA helps home and business owners discover government solar incentives, the best solar designs for their custom needs, battery backup power system features, and whether ownership or rental is the best fit. Solar analysts may conduct different reviews of the facility and make different recommendations, providing more information and options to ensure the best way to a solar future.

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