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4 Ways Solar is Leading Economic Recovery

4 Ways Solar Is Leading Economic Recovery


When the Covid-19 pandemic began earlier this year, few of us could have predicted the wide-ranging impact it would have on our lives. Back then, its timeline was measured in days and weeks. However, as we move into the sixth month of quarantine life, we know now that many of the changes we’ve made will continue to be with us for some time: social distancing, masks and remote work are now part of the daily routine for most of us.

Adjusting to life in a post-Covid world has required everyone to adapt and be nimble – especially businesses. Many industries are facing significant changes to their business models, ones that will likely have a lasting effect.

While the extent of the pandemic’s economic impact is yet to be seen, the renewable energy sector is well positioned to lead recovery efforts. From the Federal and State levels to individual homeowners, the solar industry is working hard to build consensus, create new jobs, and support those in the community that need it most. Here are a few of the ways that solar will play a significant role in helping our economy reopen healthier, stronger and more resilient than before.


Solar is creating jobs.


Over the last decade, the solar industry has grown by nearly 50% each year. Rapidly declining costs, tax credits, and increased demand for clean energy have all contributed to the boom. As a result, the nation’s solar workforce has doubled since 2012. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the advances in renewable technologies are expected to drive continued growth in the industry, making solar installation one of the fastest growing professions in the United States.

Even with the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, Solar Alternatives agrees. We see significant demand and opportunity to expand the Gulf Coast region’s renewable footprint. Since the beginning of the 2020 our team has grown significantly across sales, marketing, and service divisions. With the launch of our service division and the opening of our Shreveport office, we continue to invest in growth and deepen our commitment to the communities we serve.


Solar is building unity.


With Congress looking to support economic recovery, the solar industry is building consensus that extends across the aisle. As our elected leaders listen to their constituents’ needs, they hear the demand for more clean energy. That demand has led to bi-partisan support for the extension of solar and clean energy tax credits, which have been key drivers of growth for the industry.

Even more, representatives from both parties have publicly voiced support for including provisions for solar and clean energy in recovery legislation currently making its way through Congress. As a driver of new jobs and strong economic growth, it should be clear to all of them that solar is a smart investment – not only for the future, but as a means to kickstart our economy right now.


Solar is strengthening our communities.


On the home front, local leaders are also embracing renewable energy as a vehicle for relief and growth. In New Orleans, Mayor Latoya Cantrell has put her support behind Solar For All Nola, a program aimed at increasing access to solar and clean energy solutions for home and business owners across the city.

Past challenges have illustrated that addressing energy equity is integral to the sustainability and resiliency of our communities. From hurricanes to affordable housing, solar and clean energy solutions can help address these issues, providing both protection from storm related power outages and relief from soaring energy costs. As more people have access to quality clean energy, the more stable and sustainable our economy becomes.

As part of Solar For All Nola, Solar Alternatives is currently offering free solar and energy efficiency evaluations for all those interested.


Solar is bringing financial relief.


Passing through the hottest months of the year, there is little doubt that home and business owners are feeling the heat from rising energy costs. During the current pandemic, that heat is even hotter for many of our neighbors. Fortunately, solar is one investment that can provide immediate help.

Energy independence, via solar, means independence from rising energy costs and the worry that comes with them. The cost of solar has fallen by over 70% in the last decade, making it a smart and affordable decision. Additionally, unlike traditional utilities, the benefits of solar actually increase over time. As your savings increase, so will your peace of mind.

Peace of mind is something we can all use more of right now. Don’t you agree?