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Rural Energy for America Program

How Agriculture Benefits from REAP

Understanding the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program

Promoting Renewable Energy Solutions for Farms & Rural Businesses

Agricultural and rural businesses serve a critically important role in our society, producing food and other natural resources that make modern life possible. With a continuous increase in energy costs and an overall shift toward more climate-friendly options, renewable energy is growing more and more popular for these businesses. Though these renewable energy systems may seem out of reach for small farms, the USDA is offering assistance to eligible businesses to help them improve the efficiency of their current system or to purchase a new one.

What Does REAP Do?

The Rural Energy for America Program, or REAP, provides agricultural producers and small rural businesses with grant funding and loan financing that allows them to make energy efficiency improvements. Put simply, this is an opportunity to update your property’s energy system to be as clean and efficient as possible.

Rural Energy for America Program - Solalt

Who Can Benefit?

You may apply for this program if you are:

  • An agricultural producer that gets 50% or more of your gross income from agricultural operations, OR
  • A small business in eligible rural areas

An eligible area is a town or city with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants. It is important to note that applicants are only eligible if they do not have any outstanding delinquent debt, federal taxes, debarment, or judgment.

How We Can Help

With years of experience in the solar industry, our team at Solar Alternatives can work with your farm or small business to help you apply for funding and determine the most effective system for your unique needs. From solar photovoltaics and energy storage to motor systems optimization and electric vehicle access, our commercial solar products can be used to save money and help smaller rural and agricultural businesses gain energy independence.

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