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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

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10% Boost to Tax Credit Are tax credits in Louisiana Gone?

Solar energy continues to grow in popularity in the Gulf South through lower costs and improved technology. Although regulations are changing, for the past decade the United States has enjoyed a national program offering new solar owners a federal tax credit. Solar tax credits will begin to phase out over the coming years, however, there are still significant incentives available for any home or business owner with an interest in solar.

Solar Alternatives’ mission is to bring the savings and independence of affordable renewable energy to the Gulf South community. To extend our mission and help more people in 2020, we have made the decision to offer an additional 10% boost to the federal tax credit already in place, for the month of January. This discount works in conjunction with the federal tax credit and brings the total discount up to 36% of the price of a solar energy system.

federal tax credit

President of Solar Alternatives Jeff Cantin remarked, “Our new year’s resolution is to help the people that need it most, and we’ve explored every avenue to lower costs and increase savings for clients. January is a great time to make the leap into solar energy for a whole year of sunshine power.”

To qualify for this upgraded promotion, a home or business owner would need to be located in Louisiana or Mississippi and have their solar panel system installation begin during the month of January. The offer is extended only for a limited time, and the typical solar home or business analysis takes just a couple of hours. During a typical solar analysis, energy bills will be reviewed, ideal locations for solar discussed, and a solar simulation using satellite technology will be performed to estimate savings. The energy consultant will also review other options such as backup power with the Tesla Powerwall.