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Celebrate Solar this Fall by Joining The National Solar Tour

Solar Open House eventAs a part of the National Solar Tour this fall, Solar Alternatives would like to invite home and business owners to take part in a Solar Open House event on October 6th and 7th in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In coordination with The American Solar Energy Society and Solar United Neighbors, Solar Alternatives is promoting the open house to allow the public to tour energy efficient and solar homes like yours in the area. The event will offer ample opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking with current and prospective solar system owners like yourself, along with installers and advocates. The event will bring together homeowners, businesses and community members to inspire, celebrate and grow the solar industry in communities across the Gulf South region.

As part of the National Solar Tour, the event will be celebrated nationwide by more than 400 grassroots organizations, installers, and non-profits, with main events on October 6th and 7th.

The participation of solar system owners and installation teams from this region will make this event a success, and Solar Alternatives hopes to coordinate up to 50 solar homes and businesses to participate and hope that your home or organization can take part as well.

Solar Alternatives in Louissiana

For more information on how to sign your home or business up for the Solar Open House, send an email to inquiry@solalt.com to learn more about the event, and help celebrate the potential and value of solar throughout the region!