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Solar Plus! Switch To Solar For As Low As $59 Per Month

Solar Plus! Means Solar For All

Going solar is win-win with the new Solar Plus! program from Solar Alternatives. Full energy savings, a free home energy upgrade, full tax credit benefits and improved home value make the choice easy. Plus – there’s no upfront payment and savings are guaranteed! After years of searching and negotiating with suppliers, we finally have a no-risk solar option for our Mississippi and Louisiana homeowners.

For a Free Solar Plus Assessment, call (504) 294-3650 or use the form at the right

Starting at just $59 per month, the Solar Plus program provides maximum savings with a new solar power system plus critical home energy upgrades at zero upfront cost. This full solar ownership program provides the power of solar and the instant savings of home energy upgrades to result indirectly converting your utility payment into a valuable home improvement. Lower your power bills, improve comfort, increase home value, and loosen utility control of your monthly budget. The value of this simple energy investment may surprise you.

Solar Plus packages include a fully-functioning solar system, along with a series of energy improvements to your home determined by our expert energy technicians. The engineered package ensures that solar energy is used efficiently and the home operates at its highest level. The energy assessment process often uncovers further opportunities to lower power bills and improve the comfort of your family.

Monthly packages range from $59/mo to $140/mo, and most homes qualify for the Full Savings Guarantee. The Guarantee ensures that energy savings match the program payment in the first year, with increasing savings as utility costs continue to rise.

What is included in Solar Plus?

  • Professional installation of a quality engineered solar power system
  • Solar inverter system to convert and control solar power
  • Top of the line components to connect the solar system to your home and utility grid
  • Digital 24/7 monitoring of solar energy production
  • FREE Home Energy Efficient Upgrade Package to ensure maximum home performance
  • 10-year Solar Alternatives warranty and 25-year manufacturer warranty

Why own a solar panel system?

  • Maximize the economic and environmental benefits of solar
  • Reduce federal tax liability with 30% federal tax credits
  • Let your power bill improve the market value of your home every month
  • Help do your part for the environment and climate

Does my home qualify?

  1. I own a home that is at least 10 years old and has not had an energy retrofit
  2. I have a roof in good condition, without shade, and not north-facing
  3. I spend more than $130 per month on an electricity bill
  4. I have good credit, score of at least 650, the income of $40k+, and pay federal taxes
  5. I’m ready to make solar power and start saving money!

For a Free Solar Assessment, call (504) 294-3650 or use the form at right, and please have a utility bill on hand. Our expert advisors will discuss the program and qualifications with you. When you’re ready to proceed, an appointment will be set to confirm your family’s needs and choose a package. Within 30 days, your Solar Plus package will be installed and operating!

Don’t delay a lifetime of savings.

Solar Alternatives is a locally owned company, providing solar installations and home energy improvements to make homes work better. The SA team has extensive experience in solar energy for homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations, and has completed over 800 projects throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. Our team is community involved and dedicated to making solar work for everyone.