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Solar Panels & Hurricanes: How To Prepare Your Solar Panel System For Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Solar Panel System for Hurricane Season with Solar Alternatives


Hurricane season poses unique challenges for solar panel owners. Regular maintenance and inspections before and during this period are crucial to protecting your energy supply and investment. Solar Alternatives guides you through the essential steps to check your solar panels and battery backup storage during hurricane season. By following these guidelines, with the assistance of our experienced professionals, you can enhance the resilience of your system and ensure uninterrupted energy production even in the face of severe weather.


Here are 7 essential tips to follow:


1.) Pre-Hurricane Season Inspection

Thoroughly inspect your solar panels before hurricane season begins. Look for signs of physical damage, such as cracks or loose connections. Clean the panels to remove debris and optimize their performance. Our experts at Solar Alternatives can provide a comprehensive inspection to ensure your system is in optimal condition. We will verify the stability and integrity of the mounting system, ensuring it can withstand high winds.


2.) Reinforce Mounting and Connections

Ensure that the mounting system of your solar panels is secure and well-maintained. Inspect all electrical connections, including wiring and connectors, and ensure they are correctly tightened. Tighten any loose bolts or brackets, and check for signs of wear or corrosion. Faulty connections can compromise system performance and safety during a storm. Our technicians can assist in reinforcing the mounting and connections for maximum durability.


3.) Trim Surrounding Vegetation

Trim any overhanging tree branches or vegetation near your solar panels. During hurricanes, these objects can become projectiles, causing significant damage. Additionally, removing dead or weak trees reduces the risk of falling onto your panels or battery backup storage system. Our team can help assess the surrounding vegetation and provide professional trimming services to minimize risks.


4.) Monitor Weather Updates

Stay vigilant by monitoring weather updates during hurricane season. Keep track of approaching storms and follow official guidance and evacuation orders. Prioritize your safety and the safety of your family above all else. Stay informed and rely on our expertise to guide you through any necessary actions based on the weather conditions.


5.) Shut Down the System

Consider shutting down your solar panels and disconnecting them from the grid when a hurricane or severe weather event is imminent. This precautionary measure minimizes the risk of electrical hazards and protects your system from potential damage during the storm. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional guidance from Solar Alternatives to ensure a proper and safe shutdown.


6.) Protect Battery Backup Storage

If you have a battery backup storage system, take extra precautions to protect it during a hurricane. Ensure it is located in a safe, elevated area to minimize the risk of flooding. Cover the system with waterproof materials to protect it from water damage if necessary. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific protection measures. Solar Alternatives can guide how to safeguard your battery backup storage effectively.


7.) Post-Hurricane Inspection

After the hurricane has passed and it is safe to do so, conduct a comprehensive inspection of your solar panels and battery backup storage system. Check for any visible damage, including broken panels, loose connections, or signs of water infiltration. Contact our qualified professionals at Solar Alternatives to assess and repair the system if you notice any issues. We will ensure your system is restored to its optimal functionality.




Checking your solar panels and battery backup storage system before and during hurricane season is essential to ensure their resilience and protect your energy supply. By conducting regular inspections, reinforcing mounting and connections, monitoring weather updates, shutting down the system when necessary, and performing post-hurricane assessments, you can enhance the durability and reliability of your solar system. Prioritize safety, follow manufacturer guidelines, and rely on Solar Alternatives’ expertise to maintain solar panels and battery backup storage throughout hurricane season.

To get more information on properly preparing your solar panel system and battery backup storage, call Solar Alternatives at (877) 776-5258 for expert guidance in getting ready.