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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

Swire Energy Services - 800 Panel Solar Energy System

Case Study Swire Energy Services: 800 Panel Solar Energy System



Swire Energy Services has completed a 300kW Solar PV System to pursue carbon neutrality. The system, installed by Solar Alternatives, Inc., is expected to generate over 340MWh of energy annually, resulting in significant cost savings of approximately $1.25 million over its lifetime.



Swire Energy Services has partnered with Solar Alternatives to align its operations with carbon neutrality objectives, responding to the global emphasis on sustainability and renewable energy. The company recognizes the importance of reducing its environmental footprint and adopting cleaner energy alternatives.

The solar energy industry has progressed with the support of government initiatives such as the Inflation Reduction Act 2023, which has increased federal tax credits for commercial solar projects to 30%. This has led to cost reductions and greater appeal for solar installations among businesses. By embracing solar energy, companies like Swire Energy Services can lower their energy expenses while advancing their sustainability goals.


Installation and Equipment

The PV system spans three buildings with a cumulative PV array capacity of 316.80 kWDC. It comprises 792 Canadian Solar modules, each producing 400W and 198 Yotta microinverters. The optimized design assigns one microinverter to every four modules, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Swire Energy Services now powers its operations while reducing its carbon footprint through solar energy utilization.


Challenges and Overcoming Them

The installation process posed challenges, including multiple buildings, jurisdictional considerations, and adherence to airport regulations. However, meticulous planning, coordination, and regulation compliance facilitated a smooth integration of the solar PV system. Swire Energy Services overcame these obstacles, ensuring seamless installation across multiple locations while meeting jurisdictional and airport requirements.


Benefits and Impact

The solar PV system aligns with Swire Energy Services’ sustainability and carbon neutrality goals. The projected annual energy generation of over 340MWh significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels and carbon emissions. The estimated $1.25 million in energy savings enhances the company’s financial performance, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable practices.


Industry Leadership

Swire Energy Services’ adoption of renewable energy solutions establishes it as a regional leader in sustainable business practices. By proactively reducing its carbon footprint, Swire sets an inspiring example for the oil and gas industry, promoting a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.



The completion of the solar PV system by Solar Alternatives, Inc. showcases Swire Energy Services’ dedication to carbon neutrality. This state-of-the-art system generates clean energy, minimizes environmental impact, and offers significant cost savings. Swire’s industry leadership underscores its commitment to sustainable practices, inspiring others to adopt renewable energy solutions. The installation of solar energy systems plays a crucial role in global environmental goals, and Swire Energy Services stands as a pioneering force in driving this transformative change.