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Benefits of Upgrading Microinverters by Solar Alternatives, serving from New Orleans, Shreveport, Lafayette, Louisiana to Jackson, MS

The Benefits of Upgrading Microinverters

If there’s one constant in today’s world, it’s that technology is always changing. From our phones and computers to home appliances and yes – solar systems, technology’s rapid pace of change can often make it difficult to know when it’s the right time to make a big purchase. In fact, sometimes it may seem like certain products are designed to become obsolete. For owners of solar energy systems, this is actually far from the truth. In this case, advancement presents opportunity.

Over the last decade, solar technology has developed so rapidly that modern systems can optimize performance like never before. New advancements allow existing owners to upgrade their current systems so that they can produce more energy more efficiently.

So, if you’re new to solar or would like to upgrade your existing system to its full potential—you’re in luck.


What are the benefits of upgrading your solar energy system’s microinverters?


One of the best opportunities existing solar owners have to upgrade the performance of their solar systems is upgrading the system’s microinverters. If you’re an early adopter of solar energy, chances are that a new generation of more efficient microinverters have been developed since your installation.


  • What are microinverters?

    • Microinverters transform direct current (DC) from solar modules into grid-compatible alternating current (AC). In less technical terms, microinverters convert the energy generated by your panels into energy that can be used in your home or sold back to the grid. Microinverters can transform the power of individual modules into energy (instead of a string of connected inverters in a more typical system), making them easier to individually optimize, monitor, and upgrade.


  • Why might I want new microinverters?

    • The most significant benefit of the upgrade is the increased efficiency of your new microinverters. This means that more energy generated by your panels will be converted into usable energy—optimizing your energy output and your subsequent savings.
    • Upgraded microinverters also come with a fresh 25-year warranty giving you peace-of-mind on the longevity of your system and a reliable return on your investment in renewable energy.


What kind of upgrades am I eligible for?


At Solar Alternatives, many of our clients have systems with Enphase microinverters. Fortunately for these owners, Enphase offers an affordable and high-quality upgrade program. As part of the Enphase Legacy Upgrade Program for early adopters, Solar Alternatives is offering owners of legacy microinverters the opportunity to replace their older generation microinverters with new, seventh-generation Enphase IQ 7 PD (powered down) microinverters.

These microinverters have been powered down to be compatible with the existing solar panels and system equipment. The new Enphase IQ 7 PD microinverters will come with a new 25-year product warranty. Also included in the equipment upgrade price are an IQ Envoy and Consumption CT Meters.

Now is a great time to consider optimizing your system’s performance with the Enphase Legacy Upgrade Program.

Better performance means more energy for the things you love.


Any questions? Ask us!


Solar Alternatives is here for all your solar service and maintenance needs—whether your system was installed by our team or not. Get in touch with our team of experts to schedule an annual checkup, or to sign up for one of our worry-free maintenance plans to make sure you’re maximizing your clean energy production all year long.