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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana

Residential Solar Case Study | Uptown New Orleans

Looking to lower reliance on the grid, maintain backup energy during grid outages, and fuel an electric vehicle with free solar energy, this Uptown family installed 70 solar panels on their roof.


The System

The 70-panel array of Mission Solar panels are paired with Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters on their roof. These premium products generate a system output of 22.4 kW, a large array. Combined with three Enphase Encharge 10snet metering, and the federal solar tax credit, this renewable energy system is expected to provide lifetime savings of nearly $70,000 while eliminating over 400 tons of emissions.

In the process, thanks to the home’s solar backup power, the home won’t lose power when the grid goes down.


Whole Home Backup

The home’s three backup batteries allow the owner to store excess energy generated on sunny days—making sure the home maintains an energy source 24/7. During a grid outage, this solar backup power system allows the customer enough storage to back up the entire home during an outage. With just one battery, the home would only store enough energy to power essential home appliances for a limited amount of time. This battery system, however, offers a high level of energy independence. Whole-home backup power largely eliminates reliance on the grid.


EV Charging

In addition to the solar panels and backup batteries, this system also features an electric vehicle (EV) charger. Compatible with the energy generated by the home’s solar panels, this family will be able to power their car with energy from the sun—further reducing energy costs and emissions.


Bottom Line

With a powerful solar system and rechargeable home batteries, this Lakeview family can be confident in their energy security heading into hot summer months and hurricane season.

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