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Commercial Operations & Maintenance

Responsive Assistance For Your Commercial Solar in Louisana

Even the best-designed facilities will struggle without proper maintenance and oversight. The Solar Alternatives Operation & Maintenance team is obsessed with detail and accountability, helping your production assets reach their full potential.

The first step with any facility is to bring it to maximum production and reliability, and ensure all protective systems are intact and functional.

Standard O&M includes guaranteed response times, regular preventative maintenance schedule, real-time monitoring and notification, and full reporting.

Service details are tuned to the needs of each client and facility, and a complete support network allows us to respond to plant failures within hours. Solar PV, Energy Storage, Standby Generator, and Solar Thermal facilities are all covered in our O&M program.

Our unique and comprehensive O&M process is 100% client-centered:

  • Solar plants are monitored in real-time for underperformance issues related to equipment failure, damage, soiling, and tracker calibration. The team can even identify and fix problems before they start.
  • Technicians are given direct access to each site through remote access and video-interaction.
  • Sites each have a unique preventive maintenance plan performed quarterly or annually, including full reporting on production, issues resolved, and upcoming scheduled maintenance.
  • Provide the highest possible inverter uptime, with an overall fleet average of more than 99%.
  • An account manager provides regular reporting on asset performance, as well as addressing specific needs and concerns.
  • A detailed site report is provided after each site visit, whether for preventative or callout maintenance.
  • We have a team in charge primarily of monitoring each solar plant, including a senior field technician and an operations engineer, who monitors the data acquisition system (DAS).
  • The project is supported by the entire team and network, including procurement and warranty specialists, as well as licensed electricians, engineers, and architects. This established network means rapid response times for critical maintenance needs.
  • With the longest track record in the region for stability, diversity, and efficient growth, you can count on Solar Alternatives for the long haul.

Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance Cost

The national average cost for routine solar panel maintenance is between $140 and $180, but warranties cover the expense of many services. The service you’re most likely to need is an annual inspection, which costs $150 on average across the nation.

Solar Alternatives has OSHA and NABCEP certified technicians with years of field experience and training for PV and thermal installations. Techs are available 24/7 for onsite Elmwood solar energy service on a contract or callout basis. Find out how our commercial solar maintenance can help secure and maximize your solar assets today.