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Do I Need a Critter Guard?

When your home or business is your biggest investment, preventative maintenance can often add considerable value– saving you time and money in the process. Caring for and optimizing a clean energy system in the proper way will help you enjoy peak performance and benefits for many years.

Since solar panels are typically located on rooftops and exposed to the elements, there are times when wildlife and natural debris can find its way into your system.

These critters and debris potentially reduce system efficiency or even cause damage resulting in minor, yet inconvenient, maintenance costs. Fortunately, Solar Alternatives offers a simple solution to protect and optimize your investment.


Why do I need a critter guard?


Though your panels will enjoy many sunny days, they are also exposed to the local flora and fauna– some of which can find its way into or beneath your panels. Birds and squirrels, the most common critters found damaging solar systems, often find the space beneath solar panels suitable for nesting. These animals can chew through wires and collect debris reducing system efficiency.

Twigs, sticks, and dried leaves from trees can also build up beneath solar panels creating a fire hazard atop your home, often near its main circuitry. Unfortunately, standard warranties often don’t cover this type of damage.

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To prevent the risks from critters and debris, Solar Alternatives offers the easy installation of a critter guard. Similar in appearance to chicken-wire, critter guards consist of long strips of a light metal material fastened between a roof and panel. Barely noticeable from a distance, these guards ensure the protection of the area beneath your panels, while maintaining a clean aesthetic for your rooftop.

How can I get a critter guard installed?


Our seasoned service team offers critter guard installation in as little as a few hours with new or existing solar panel systems. Solar is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make—so make sure to protect your system up front to avoid any maintenance costs down the line.

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