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Battery Storage - 3 Reasons

3 Reasons to Invest in Solar Battery Storage

With an ever-growing number of home and business owners investing in solar panel systems, owners often want to know how they can best optimize their system’s production and further reduce their reliance on the utility grid. Beyond regular maintenance, one of the most common and in-demand system upgrades is the addition of a solar battery.

How do Solar Batteries work?

In most cases, traditional solar PV systems are tied to the utility grid. When the system’s solar panels produce more energy than is consumed, the excess energy is fed back to the grid. On the other hand, when a home or business needs more electricity than the system’s solar panels to produce, it can draw the necessary power from the grid.

For systems with solar batteries, however, excess energy produced by the system’s solar panels can be stored for later use. The higher your battery’s capacity or the greater number of batteries you have, more solar energy you can store. By utilizing energy storage, you can greatly optimize your system’s self-consumption. They only send excess energy to the grid when the solar battery is fully charged and will only draw power from the grid when the battery reserve has completely run out.

What are the benefits of a Solar Battery?

By adding battery storage to a solar PV system, the overall value of the system can increase greatly. Solar batteries allow owners to maximize the consumption of energy generated by their solar panels resulting in a number of benefits:

    • The stored energy can be used during non-peak times.

      Given that solar panels generate energy from direct sunlight, a solar system’s level of production can vary greatly over the course of a day. During hours with an abundance of direct light, production can reach optimal levels. During non-peak hours, such as at night, systems will produce far less energy. With battery storage, owners can use stored energy during periods of lower production without having to draw power from the grid.

    • Stay powered when the grid goes down.

      Power outages – for any reason – can often leave us feeling helpless, frustrated and unproductive. Downtime from any outage, no matter how long, has costs both seen and unseen. Investing in battery storage can eliminate worry by providing clean and reliable backup power in the event of an outage – without any flicker or noticeable change. The added resiliency offers owners peace of mind that is priceless.

    • Reduce your reliance on the grid.

      By combining solar PV systems with battery storage, you can greatly reduce your reliance on the utility grid. With the right investment, your home or business can be powered entirely by clean, reliable energy. This increased energy independence frees you from the burden of rising energy costs while reducing your overall carbon footprint.

What solar battery solution is right for me?

As demand for energy storage has grown significantly, manufacturers such as Tesla, Generac, and Enphase have launched a number of solar battery products ideal for home or business use. Which battery you choose depends not only on the specifications of the product but on your individual needs. The right storage capacity and system design should be aligned with your level of consumption and power needs.

Solar Alternatives’ energy experts are here to answer your questions about battery storage solutions and help you find the right fit for your home or business. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.