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Solar Installation And Energy Services In Louisiana


Gulfport, MS

Project Summary:

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies(IMMS)installed solar as part of an overall energy reduction effort aimed at reducing monthly operating expenditures. A key factor for IMMS is increased visibility and marketability resulting from the project, in line with the organization's sustainability commitment.

Solar Alternatives Scope :

Solar Alternatives provided consultation, design, and QA services for the full lifecycle of the project.

System Specifications:

  • Panel Type :JA Solar JAM6K - 72 - 350
  • Panel Quantity :1028
  • Racking Type :Unirac Solar Mount
  • Inverter Type :HiQ TS480 - 8K
  • System Size (DC) :36 0kW
  • Voltage :Three phase 208V - 480V
  • Interconnection Type : Transformer tap
  • Utility Company :Mississippi Power Co.

Key Features:

  • 360kW solar energy system
  • Annual Energy Generation : 471 MWh
  • Bidirectional metering
  • Detail on warranty of roof
  • 10 Year workmanship warranty
  • 25 - Year manufacturer warranties