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Sonnen home battery

Sonnen Home Battery Beats Tesla Powerwall To Market

If you’ve been waiting for a home battery system that is reliable, powerful and affordable, a new option from German company Sonnen looks to be the best product available.

Sonnen Batterie uses lithium-Iron-Ion technology to safely and efficiently store energy to power your home in the case of outages, high rate periods, excess solar production or to when peak demand threatens to add extra utility cost. Its automated energy management

features can also control home appliances to minimize daytime use charges, and a remote monitoring and control system provides peace of mind on-site or off.

Sonnen Batteries

Sonnenbatterie is a proven energy system internationally, with over 8000 installations to the brand. Solar Alternatives has tested the SonnenBatterie-Eco in-house and found it to be among the most resilient of battery energy systems available, and the ease-of-use features make SonnenBatterie on par or in advance of the listed features of the as-yet unavailable Powerwall.

The SonnenBatterie is a premium backup product with pure sinewave inverter technology to ensure maximum safety to personal electronics and hi-fi audio equipment.

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