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New Orleans Solar Power

Residential Solar Solutions for Biloxi, Houston, Jackson, and Beyond

Solar energy systems convert the sun’s rays into electricity and heat for your home. At our Louisana Solar Company, we provide Solar systems that produce enough energy to lower bills by up to 95%, and can also sell energy back to the grid during peak times of the day.

Residential Electric Solar Panel Installation

Through the installation of solar electric (or photovoltaic “PV”) systems, clean energy from the sun is converted into usable electrical power for your home. Solar PV has been the leading solar technology for many years and is fine-tuned to fit the needs of each home’s energy demand.

Solar Panels Last Decades & Payoff in a Few Years

Through the use of the Sun’s energy and a powerful solar system, savings are generated that repay the initial investment in a few short years. The solar system continues generating electricity throughout its average lifespan of 25-30 years. As the cost of electricity rises, savings continue to increase through the life of the system.

Solar Backups Allow for Power in a Blackout

Basic solar systems are connected to the utility grid, and when the power goes out, these systems will also shut down to protect utility workers. For critical power after a grid outage, a solar backup solution is recommended. We provide solar power services throughout the Gulf Coast.

Advantages for Residential Solar Power

There are many major benefits that residential solar power provides to the average homeowner. Considering all of them makes a compelling argument in favor of investing in solar technology.

Solar energy in the home provides many advantages:

  • Reduced energy bills: Less dependence on energy produced by the grid means lower energy bills. Furthermore, when solar panels are connected to the electrical grid, any excess power generated is sent into the system, and you may receive a credit for the contribution.
  • Provides renewable energy: Solar energy is one of the most direct ways to reduce your carbon footprint and the pollution caused by other sources of energy.
  • Minimal maintenance costs: Solar energy systems are not extremely complex, and the they are not prone to frequent failure. Factoring in maintenance and repair is not something to be concerned about in the long run.

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  • I'm so pleased with the entire process from the initial consultation all the way through the care that the installers took with my home.

  • The most knowledgeable and professional solar installers in the industry.

  • Answered every question and gave us amazing customer service.


  • Money-Saving Tax Credits
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • A Pollutant & Contaminant Free Home
  • Increased Home and Property Value
  • Helps your Local Economy
  • Backup Solutions during Outages
  • Reduce Excess Consumption
  • Low Maintenance Costs

3 Easy Steps

Make the switch to solar in 3 steps

  • Free Consultation

    Contact the Solar Alternatives team for a no cost breakdown of which solar and energy products make the most sense for your home.

  • Installation

    Our professional installation team insures your new solar products are installed to fit the specific needs of your home.

  • Activation & Maintenance

    Once install is complete, our activation team flips the switch and gets your system running smoothly while our monitoring team takes over and makes sure you receive the production we said you would or we’ll fix it.

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