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The Benefits of Clean Energy

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The Benefits of Clean Energy

ResidentialMaking the switch to clean renewable energy can significantly reduce a household or business’s contribution to climate change.

Where traditional forms of energy production depend heavily on carbon-rich resources, renewables can help offset the demand for fossil fuels, improving quality of life and the environment.

The benefits of clean energy are numerous and widespread. This has convinced many homeowners and business owners to transition from their reliance on the utility grid to many forms of renewable energy production.

As the use of clean energy has grown in popularity, solar panels, geothermal, and even wind turbine installations are an increasingly common sight.

Solar Alternatives helps you explore how the use of clean energy can significantly reduce your carbon impact, and lessen the effect of carbon dioxide emissions – the most prevalent greenhouse gas, and other air pollutants that cause global warming.

As one of the most trusted solar companies in Louisiana and Mississippi that supports adoption of clean energy through quality solar panel installation, we have been helping interested home and business owners learn about the benefits of solar energy for well over a decade.

What is Clean Energy?

Clean energy is a specific type of energy that is sourced from renewable sources or sources that cause zero-emission when energy is produced or generated.

Solar Alternatives focuses on one of the sources of clean energy: the sun. We are a licensed and trusted company that has a great deal of expertise in solar panel installation. We install high-standard solar panels that convert energy from the sun into thermal and electrical energy that can be used to power households, institutions, and businesses.

What Are the Benefits of Clean Energy?

The most common renewable power technologies include solar, wind, and geothermal energy. Many of these clean energy options can be used in residential and commercial applications.

The environmental and economic benefits of using clean energy are:

1. Renewable Energy Generates No Emissions

Energy from fossil fuels creates 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions that significantly harm the environment. With clean energy sources, there are no greenhouse gas emission issues.

When electricity is generated from renewable sources, the process does not cause air pollution nor does it produce greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gasses.

2. Renewable Energy Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses that are generated because of the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person or group. In the United States, the average carbon footprint of a person is 16 tons.

The carbon footprint also indicates how many human-induced actions contribute to pollution that leads to many other environmental problems like toxic acid rain, coastal and ocean acidification, and the melting of glaciers and polar ice.

With solar panel installation from Solar Alternatives, you reduce your carbon footprint because you are using a zero-emission energy source.

3. Renewable Energy Reduces Harmful Air Pollutants

The process of generating electricity from nonrenewable sources like fossil fuels also produces dangerous greenhouse gasses and a harmful air pollutant called ground-level ozone.

Ground-level ozone causes several health problems like coughing, throat irritation, airway inflammation, reduced lung function, and damaged lung tissue.

Using solar panels, a clean energy source will offset the production of harmful air pollutants that cause many environmental and health issues.

4. Renewable Energy Uses Less Water

Traditional processes of producing electricity require the use of a lot of water. For example, in generating electricity from coal and natural gas, approximately 60,000 gallons of water per MWh of electricity is needed.

A solar panel system will not need any water at all for it to be able to convert solar energy into useful energy that can be used to power homes and business properties.

5. Renewable Energy Benefits the Economy

Because of the increasing need for clean energy sources like wind and solar power, these industries have employed several individuals. It is estimated that 2.25% of America’s entire workforce are energy workers. This number is only growing.

In fact, it has been reported that in over 30 states, the solar and wind industries have generated more jobs than the coal and gas industries.

In addition to how clean energy benefits the economy by creating more jobs, it also has had a great impact on the reduction of electricity costs.

A Valuable Investment For Your Home

From savings to environmental impact, there are many major benefits that solar power provides to homeowners. Considered together, they make a compelling case for investing in clean energy systems:

  • Lower energy bills: Reduced dependence on the grid means lower energy bills. Since solar systems are connected to the local utility, any excess power generated is sent to the grid.  You may even receive credit for the contribution.
  • Sustainable power: As a renewable resource, solar energy is one of the cleanest and most direct ways to reduce your carbon footprint and the pollution caused by other sources of energy.
  • Minimal maintenance costs: Solar technology is designed to be resilient. A well-maintained system is a small price to pay for the decades of value clean energy provides.

Top four benefits of installing solar panels on your home

  • Reduce or eliminate energy bills.
  • Earn tax credits and rebates.
  • Start saving from day one.
  • Help the environment and help us all.

Reliable Solar Energy From Solar Alternatives

You too can enjoy the many benefits of using clean energy with quality solar panel installation from experts in the industry.

By investing in a solar panel system today, you can become more energy independent – and contribute less to the myriad of health and environmental issues caused by traditional forms of producing electricity.

Make the wiser, cleaner and greener choice today: make the switch to solar energy for all your electrical needs.


    Why Solar?

    • Savings over the lifetime of a solar system can surpass $50,000 – When you utilize solar, you’ll use your gas and electric utilities less
      and less and you don’t have to pay the sun to shine. Not one cent.
    • Installations are eligible to receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit – Take advantage of these federal tax credits while you can, they are subject
      to change.
    • Solar can be fitted with backup power in addition to energy savings – If you pair your solar panels with a home battery system, it can help
      you out when the electricity goes out.
    • Residential solar panels help avoid annual utility bill increases – Relative to gas and electric bills, the cost of solar is much more concrete
      as utility bills are always subject to change.
    • Improve home resale value by up to $15,000 – Bring your home into the 21st century. Eco-friendly homes are becoming
      increasingly attractive in the housing market.
    • Zero-down and long-term payment options make going solar easy – We’ll work with you to make sure that you can go solar at an affordable price.
    • All this from the most renewable source in the world, our Sun – Renewable energy is the gift that keeps on giving. At least speak with
      our New Orleans residential solar consultants. Your future self will thank
      you for making a clear choice.



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