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Solar Generators are the most advanced and affordable of any backup power system available. With a solar generator (also known as battery backup or solar backup systems), the fuel source is completely free and unlimited, creating an indefinite power supply for emergency situations. Unlike traditional generators, a solar generator will eventually pay for itself in energy savings, and qualify for Louisiana’s 80% combined solar tax credits. This makes most solar generators more affordable than their traditional installed natural gas counterparts, which often have much higher ongoing maintenance costs. A solar site analysis will determine if your property is suitable for a solar generator.

How do I know if a Solar Generator is for me?

Solar Generator:

  • Do you need backup power for a handful of important appliances and circuits in the home?
  • Do you need a safer option than a combustion engine?
  • Do you want a fully independent backup power supply?
  • Do you want noise-free and pollution-free backup power?
  • Do you want instant power switchover to backup?
  • Do you want monthly savings on your utility bill?
  • Do you want low maintenance costs?

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Natural Gas Generator:

  • Do you need full-house power on all circuits and devices in the home?
  • Do you have a secure fuel supply?
  • Do you have a code-compliant location for the generator?
  • Is a 3-5 minute gap acceptable between grid failure and backup power activation?
  • Are you able or willing to maintain a combustion engine?
  • Do you want peace of mind knowing that you will have power?
  • Do you want a system that has the best warranty and is backed by an authorized Kohler installer?


A solar generator consists of an array of solar panels, a battery bank, and power conversion equipment. Solar generators switch automatically to backup power when the utility grid fails, and provide a daily supply of electricity from sunlight for critical appliances and circuits in the home. A reserve supply of energy in the battery bank keeps the system running during low-light conditions, and systems normally recharge in a single day. When the utility grid is up, solar generators perform like a grid-tied solar system and send extra electricity to the utility for credits on your bill. The savings often add up to thousands of dollars over the life of a system.

A permanent standby traditional natural gas generator can power the whole house once it is professionally installed via the home’s natural gas lines. It is designed to power-on within minutes of recognizing an outage and will provide seamless power to all circuits in the home with minimal noise or pollution. Additionally, traditional generators have a built in weekly maintenance cycle that verifies that it is functioning properly so that it will be ready when it is needed.  Solar Alternatives is an authorized installer of the Kohler brand of generators.  As a leader in the industry, Kohler offers one of the industry’s best warranties and provides outstanding service.

The generator engineer will need to know the following to confirm your backup system design:

  • Roof or yard space: Where will the solar panels or traditional generator go? Is there shading or any aesthetic requirement?
  • Backup equipment: a small protected utility/garage space for the power equipment
  • Circuits: What critical circuits need to be powered by a backup system? Do you want the whole house to be powered?
  • Loads: What are the average and peak loads of the circuits?
  • Reserve: How many days of low-light battery reserve are needed?  How long of an outage do you expect?
  • Auxiliary generator: Is a small traditional generator available as a power boost?


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