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Solar Generators are the most advanced and affordable of any backup power system available. With a solar generator (also known as battery backup or solar backup systems), the fuel source is completely free and unlimited, creating an indefinite power supply for emergency situations. Unlike traditional generators, a solar generator will eventually pay for itself in energy savings, and qualify for solar tax credits. A solar site analysis will determine if your property is suitable for a solar generator.

How do I know if a Solar Generator is for me?

Solar Generator:

  • Do you need backup power for a handful of important appliances and circuits in the home?
  • Do you need a safer option than a combustion engine?
  • Do you want a fully independent backup power supply?
  • Do you want noise-free and pollution-free backup power?
  • Do you want instant power switchover to backup?
  • Do you want monthly savings on your utility bill?
  • Do you want low maintenance costs?

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A solar generator consists of an array of solar panels, a battery bank, and power conversion equipment. Solar generators switch automatically to backup power when the utility grid fails, and provide a daily supply of electricity from sunlight for critical appliances and circuits in the home. A reserve supply of energy in the battery bank keeps the system running during low-light conditions, and systems normally recharge in a single day. When the utility grid is up, solar generators perform like a grid-tied solar system and send extra electricity to the utility for credits on your bill. The savings often add up to thousands of dollars over the life of a system.