As a mission-driven organization, your team understands how tough it can be to meet fundraising targets and keep operating expenses under control. Solar Alternatives has helped countless non-profits and faith based organizations engage solar for the benefit of their organizations and communities to help realize both environmental and financial goals.

In addition to developing community solar projects for Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Project and Project Home Again, Solar Alternatives has built Louisiana’s first net-zero park at Kingswood Playground as well as design/build for Columbia Residential developers. Another recent project is CCUU, a local community church, for help in completing the grant application process.  The approved grant, resulted in CCUU being the first house of worship in America powered by the sun.

No matter what stage of construction you are in, Solar Alternatives has the right guidance and experience to make the relationship work. If you are looking for a solar energy system, solar water heat or even a back-up power source, Solar Alternatives can design it for you. Plus,you have the peace of mind to know you have one of the leading solar engineering firms in the area. Best part is your know when you chose Solar Alternatives, your money stays local.

Non Profits

Solar Alternatives has experience working with non-profits