If you currently heat your pool with gas or electric, a Solar heater may help save hundreds each year in fuel costs and extend the natural swimming season by up to 80%. Solar Pool Heaters are an affordable, fast-payback option to start a greener lifestyle, and are available in two classes for efficient and premium performance.

Unglazed Solar Pool Heaters are the basic workhorse of the Solar Pool Heat industry. These systems work by pumping pool water directly into an array of rooftop or ground-mounted solar collectors. A controller and sensors automate the Solar heater to maintain water temperature, and your existing pump is generally adequate to circulate water through the system. Unglazed collectors are constructed of a UV-stabilized black polymer, are warranted for ten years or more, and can reach solar absorption efficiencies of up to 70%.

PoolGlazed or ‘Closed-Loop’ Solar Pool Heaters are a premium-grade option for providing heat to your pool year-round.  Instead of pushing pool water into collectors, a closed plumbing loop brings a Heat Transfer Fluid from collectors to a heat exchanger. Pool water passes through this heat exchanger and is warmed several degrees, gradually raising the pool to a desired temperature. Closed loop systems have excellent waterproofing characteristics, an attractive form, and long-lasting components. They can also be modified to provide hot water and space heat using the same heating loop.

For any pool heater, an insulated pool blanket is very important to retaining warmth. If nothing is done to stop evaporation on a cool spring day, several days worth of heat can be lost in a single night. There are several insulated blanket options for this purpose, and covers can be installed with a manual or motor-driven reel for convenience. Liquid pool covers can also protect from evaporation at up to 70% of the effectiveness of a standard pool blanket. This product is a safe, biodegradable additive that rises to the surface of the water and prevents evaporation, even when in use.

Solar Alternatives uses only Pool Heat supplies and equipment from long-standing manufacturers with proven records and great customer support. All equipment is installed to the highest standards and with full locally mandated wind zone protection. Some suppliers include Heliodyne, SolarHot, Aquatherm/Solar Industries, and Techno-Solis.