Solar Ventilation Systems work to reduce heat and moisture build up in your attic, increasing the overall efficiency of attic insulation and reducing the amount of heat transferred into your home.

Installing a Solar Ventilation System may help save hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs by reducing the temperature and moisture build up in a home’s attic. Solar Fans are extremely affordable, have a quick return on investment, and instantly reduce electricity bills.

During much of the year attic temperatures can reach a scorching 160°. Small vents in the roof are often insufficient causing the hot air to pass back into living spaces. This raises the temperature and the amount of energy needed to cool a home.

Moisture trapped in the attic can also cause serious issues. Everyday activities such as showering and cooking produce water vapor that migrate into the attic. This moisture promotes the growth of mold and mildew reducing a home’s air quality and potentially damaging roofing and insulation.

Solar Alternatives only installs solar ventilation systems from long-standing manufacturers with proven records and great customer support. All equipment is installed to the highest standards and with full locally-mandated wind zone protection.

Solar ventilation qualifies for both the Louisiana 50% tax credit as well as the federal 30% tax credit.