Electric Vehicle Charging Station Ribbon Cutting at Whole Foods Market

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Ribbon Cutting at Whole Foods Market

Electric Vehicles are quickly becoming mainstream, and can use solar energy to charge up. With the cost of batteries and electric vehicles falling, a low cost of energy and maintenance,  and more charging points popping up in public locations, car buyers are increasingly turning toward the sustainable transportation provided by electric vehicles (EVs). Whether part of a solar installation or preparing for a future purchase, Solar Alternatives provides the expertise and equipment for easy and convenient electric vehicle charging.

Electric Vehicle Basics

Modern electric vehicles feature a high-torque electric-powered drivetrain and high-capacity energy storage, providing a travel range of up to 300 miles with charge times of less than 30 minutes. These advances mean that a modern Electric Vehicle (EV) can accommodate 95% of our regular travel needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional fuel vehicles. The electric “gas station” is your electric outlet at home or at work, while the fuel is our existing electrical network (with or without solar panels), made of 100% domestic American energy. Electric vehicles and solar together provide a clean, secure transportation source.

For a quick introduction to electric vehicle charging technologies, download this presentation by our own Jeff Cantin from the EV Presentation at the LCF Expo 2015 . For more information or to put an EV charging unit at your home or work, contact us with the form at right or email .