The Potential of Solar Power Systems

After installing a solar power system, New Orleans clients can use the Sun’s natural, reliable power to provide heat and electricity for their homes. Solar Alternatives can install one of several solar electric systems to utilize solar power to reduce your energy bills.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicles are quickly becoming mainstream, and can use solar energy to charge up with clean power. Whether part of a solar installation or preparing for a future purchase, Solar Alternatives provides the expertise and equipment for easy and convenient electric vehicle charging.

Heat Your Water with Solar

Highly efficient insulated collectors absorb significant solar radiation and store large quantities of heat in an insulated storage tank. Most solar energy systems provide for 60-80% of a home’s annual hot water needs and work year-round. Each tank stores up to 3 days of hot water for use in cloudy weather.

Solar Backup

Solar Generators or Backup Systems work to power your home when there is a power outage or after a hurricane.

Solar Power

Arrays of specialized solar modules convert solar radiation directly into electricity. Generated electricity is inverted and synchronized with utility power to seamlessly integrate into a home’s solar system, reducing utility power needs by 10%-100% in most cases.

Heat Your Pool with Solar

Simple, durable black polymer collectors transfer solar heat directly into pool water, working at high efficiency and with minimal maintenance, and in most cases using an existing pool pump for circulation. A special valve diverts pool water through the collectors when hot enough to warm the pool. Solar Pool Systems have the highest payback of any solar technology and extend a pool’s swimming season by 50%-100% with zero fuel cost.

Cool Your Attic with a Solar Attic Fan

Solar Ventilation Systems work to reduce heat and moisture build up in your attic, increasing the overall efficiency of attic insulation and reducing the amount of heat transferred into your home. If you are interested in installing this product, contact Solar Alternatives to discuss the solar power system New Orleans can rely on.