Solar Alternatives Global Green Support Program

Supporters of New Orleans nonprofits will appreciate how hard it can be to help organizations raise funds for their important programs and outreach efforts. Solar Alternatives has been a major supporter of many local nonprofits, and a new program allows friends of solar to make a substantial contribution to green building advocates Global Green by doing something great for the environment themselves! Global Green

The program is simple: if your home qualifies for a solar energy system and you choose to work with Solar Alternatives for the installation, just mention your support for Global Green and the group will receive a donation of $500 in your honor! Funds will help support green building outreach in New Orleans and the region, which means your dollars are being magnified to help reduce our carbon footprint even more.

This program has a trial period of three months through the end of June 2014, so don’t wait to participate. A site consultant can help determine the best options for your home among several solar and energy-efficient technologies. Call 504-267-1660 or email to learn more.