Whole Foods Market EVCS, New Orleans

Car Charging At Charging Station Photo, Renewable Energy, New Orleans - Solar Alternatives

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (CS-40, 7.2KW – 240VAC)

Solar Alternative installed two Electric Vehicle Charging Stations next to designated parking spots in the Whole Foods Arabella Station‘s garage. Customers can  ‘fill up their tank’ while they shop for groceries. Whole Foods is New Orleans’ first retailer to offer EV charging stations. This installation is on the PlugShare network, a site where you can locate places to charge your electric vehicle.

Whole Foods: Electric Vehicle Charger

As plug-in hybrid eclectic vehicles and battery electric vehicle ownership expands, there is a growing need for widely distributed publicly


accessible charging stations. Some public charging stations support faster charging at higher voltages and currents than are available from domestic supplies. Whole Foods and Solar Alternatives has made great strides in expanding the availability of public EVCSs in the state of Louisiana.

Most EVCS are not open to the public and mainly are located at universities, airports and car dealerships. Whole Foods is the first  New Orleans business, and one of the few locations in the country, to offer  electric vehicle charging stations to the public. This newly installed EVCS is available complimentary to Arabella shoppers and you can find them in the painted green parking spaces.