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2-Panel Active Glycol Solar Water Heating System

Active Water Heating Systems use high-efficiency thermal collectors along with pumps and a specialized heat exchanger to bring abundant solar heat into high-insulation storage tanks. Active systems are the most advanced solar thermal designs available and are fully automated. This Glycol-based system is designed to provide up to 80% of the hot water needs of the family of four with little maintenance and full freeze protection.

System Design +

System Includes

  • Heliodyne Gobi 406 Thermal Collectors (2)
  • Heliodyne HelioPak 016 SWH Appliance:
  • Tube-in-Tube insulated Heat Exchanger
  • Grundfos circulation pumps (2)
  • Delta-T Pro Wifi-enabled Solar Controller
  • Grundfos Flow and Temperature sensors
  • 3/4″ Armaflex-insulated copper transfer pipe
  • Commercial-grade mixing valve
  • Isolation and Shutoff Valve manifold
  • HydroBlend H605 Water conditioner

When Solar heat is available, the Solar Controller in this system activates two pumps to move heat from collectors to storage tank. The heat exchanger transfers collected heat from the glycol loop into storage tank water until the maximum tank temperature is reached or collectors cool down at sunset. This cycle repeats anytime sunlight is available, day after day, for the life of the system.

Gobi collectors in this system are connected directly to the heat exchanger through a closed loop of 3/4″ insulated copper pipe. This loop is filled under moderate pressure (30-50psi) with a 50% Glycol/Water (distilled) mix, providing maximum freeze/boil protection at minimum viscosity. Loop pressure is maintained with a standard Expansion Tank, and flow/temperature readings are monitored through the Wifi monitoring interface. The HydroBlend unit prevents mineral scaling inside of the heat exchanger through a commercial-grade sequestration technology, and helps protect the property’s entire hot water plumbing system from decay.