Pool Heat – Metairie, LA

Solar Panels New Orleans, Roof Side View Photo - Solar Alternatives

11kW Premium Solar Pool Heat System

Closed-Loop Solar Pool Heat systems provide an elegant, durable, low-cost heating option for that cold May pool. This residential system generates up to 220,000 BTU per day in Solar Energy for heating the property’s in-ground pool, and operates automatically anytime solar heat is available. The high-quality corrosion-resistant components will provide many years of trouble-free operation. Since the system has no fuel cost, its payback period compared to gas heat will be less than six years with current tax credits.

System Design +

System Includes

  • Heliodyne Gobi 410 Solar Thermal Collectors (4)
  • Young-Touchstone 502 Industrial Heat Exchanger
  • Grundfos circulation pump
  • Pentair Suntouch Solar Controller
  • Pentair Pool Valve with Intermatic actuator
  • 1″ Insulated Copper Glycol Loop piping and 2″ Pool piping
  • Glycol Loop Gauge/Valve Manifold

This Solar Pool Heat System is different from typical unglazed designs in that its Solar Collectors are insulated in a glass and aluminum casing. These ‘glazed’ collectors operate at a higher year-round efficiency since their heat absorption is not badly affected by low ambient temperatures. Glazed collectors can absorb heat earlier in the spring and later in the fall, and can extend the pool season further than an unglazed system.

Since this system connects to a high-flow pool pump, the heat exchanger and heat transfer components are sized to provide maximum heat transfer from the panels and minimum resistance in glycol and pool piping. This allows optimal use of the Collectors’ potential, and an even longer swimming season for the owner.

With any Solar Pool Heater, use of a pool cover is very important to retain the gradually-built solar heat. The owner preferred a liquid cover for this pool, which retains 40-70% of the heat of a typical pool cover. Liquid pool covers use a special non-toxic formula to reduce pool evaporation to nearly zero.