Kingswood Playground Solar Canopy

Pavilion With Solar Panels, New Orleans Photo - Solar Alternatives

Kingswood Playground Solar Canopy is Louisiana’s First Net-Zero Public Facility

Work recently completed on an 11.5kW solar PV system at Kingswood Playground in New Orleans East. It is the first of its kind for a municipal facility in the New Orleans area. The installation is designed to power the existing lighting at the park, and will offset 100% of the energy needed throughout the year in a situation known as “net-zero” usage. This represents the maximum solar energy that a facility can produce and use on-site.

Solar Alternatives participated in a fast-track design-build competition for the Kingswood solar energy project against several firms, and was awarded the contract to build the structure in partnership with engineers and architects while meeting a highly compressed schedule ahead of the New Orleans Superbowl. The unique octagonal array spans 40 feet over a steel substructure and is rated for 140mph sustained winds. The Stion solar panels used in the project were manufactured nearby in Hattiesburg Mississippi.

Thanks to the great leadership of the Kingswood Neighborhood Association, the National Football League, and the City of New Orleans, these solar panels will reduce CO2 emissions in the area by more than half a million pounds over the next 25 years while saving the City and Recreation Department nearly $100,000 in utility fees.

Kingswood Park

New Orleans’ first net-zero park