Electric – New Orleans, LA

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215W Built-to-Grow Microinverter Solar Electric System

This microinverter-based solar electric system was designed for minimal up-front cost and easy system growth. All necessary wiring and equipment for a solar electric system is in place for up to 13 modules, including disconnects and Entergy Net Meter. The owner can now add on as her budget allows.

System Design +

Solar Photovoltaic System

  • REC AE-US 220W Polycrystalline Photovoltaic module
  • Enphase M190 Microinverter
  • SquareD 240V 30A visible-blade disconnect with line-side tie-in
  • Unirac SolarMount Tri-Rail Waterproof Hurricane-Resistant mounting

This very well may be the smallest grid-tied PV system installed in the state, but will still provide the homeowner an average of 27kWh per month in solar-generated electricity through its single microinverter. This design includes all of the normal equipment and procedures associated with any Solar Electric system (engineering, permits, wiring, disconnects, net meter installation), and qualifies for the state and federal tax credits. Maintenance with this system is nearly zero, and the installed Enphase inverter has a standard warranty of 15 years and a ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ of 331 years. This system can also be augmented with Battery Backup at a later date.