Electric – New Orleans, LA

Sky And Roof With Solar Power, New Orleans Photo - Solar Alternatives

3520 Watt Grid-Tied Solar Electric

This is a typical Grid-Tied PV system on a residence, using polycrystalline modules and a US-made Grid-Tie inverter. The system was designed to maximize production from the available space while keeping cost down. Installation of this system took about five days, and its production has been on average above expectation.

System Design +

System Includes

  • Schott Polycrystalline 220W Photovoltaic Module
  • PVPowered 3000SD Inverter
  • Unirac SolarMount Tri-rail with 3″ Standoffs
  • SolaDeck rooftop wiring transition unit

None of this property’s roofs were exactly facing South with ideal sun exposure, but the SouthEast and SouthWest roofs could both be used with a relatively good solar window and high production. Each roof was measured to determine capacity and layout, and the location of inverter and disconnect switches was identified. Standoffs and racking were installed, modules installed, wiring completed, and inverter configured to finish the project. A web-based monitoring service provides real-time and historic production data for the system through the owner’s high-speed data line.