Electric and Pool Heat – New Orleans, LA

Close Up Side View Picture Of Solar Panels, New Orleans - Solar Alternatives

10.8 kW High-Efficiency Shade-tolerant PV and 480 SqFt Solar Pool Heat

This Solar Energy System was designed to maximize electrical production from the owner’s available Southeast-facing roof space, and also use secondary space to heat a new swimming pool.

Solar Solutions

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) +

Solar Photovoltaic System

  • 50 Sanyo 215W HIT-N High-Power Monocrystalline Modules
  • 50 Enphase M210 Microinverters
  • Enphase Envoy Monitoring Gateway
  • 10750 Rated DC Watts

The 10.8kW Solar Electric system on this property is one of the highest-power systems in New Orleans, and one of the largest Enphase installations in the state. Its 50 Sanyo 215 Watt modules provide over 12000 kWh per year, over half of this large home’s annual energy needs. Microinverters were employed specifically to allow minor, unavoidable shading to have a minimal impact on the remainder of the array by adjusting power tracking on a per-module basis.

The Envoy gateway communicates with each module-mounted inverter, and allows monitoring of the system through a web-based interface including full-system history and time-lapse playback of production levels.

Solar Pool Heat (SPH) +

Solar Pool Heat

  • 10 4′x12′ Unglazed Solar Thermal Collectors
  • Hayward Diversion Valve and Sensors
  • Goldline Automatic Solar Controller
  • Inline Flowmeter

Collectors are mounted flush to the roof in this installation, in a parallel configuration slanted to drain back to the pump when necessary. When pool water is pushed through the collectors in sunlight, heat is directly transferred to the pool at up to 400,000 BTU per day. This can heat the pool at up to 5-7 degrees in a day, depending on ambient temperatures. A dual-sided (heat reflective/absorbent) pool cover is included in this installation and is crucial to full heat absorption and retention in the cooler months. Not having a pool cover for a solar pool system would be like leaving your refrigerator door open in the summer.

This system extends the owner’s swimming season by 40%-50% with no fuel input, and uses only the existing variable speed pump for circulation.