Backup Electric, Water Heat – Uptown New Orleans, LA

Side View Photo Of Solar Power System, New Orleans - Solar Alternatives

8kW Sanyo-Enphase System with Backup Power plus Active Solar Water Heat

This combination solar backup system provides the homeowner with solar heated water as well as 8000kWh/year of electrical generation. The system also includes a backup subsystem to provide power to portions of the home when the utility grid fails.

Solar Solutions

System Design +

Solar Photovoltaic System

  • 37 Sanyo 215-N High-Power Modules
  • 37 Enphase M210 Microinverters
  • Enphase Envoy Powerline Communication Hub
  • 13kWh Sealed Energy Storage
  • Unirac SolarMount Tri-Rail Waterproof Hurricane-Resistant mounting

Active Glycol Solar Water Heat System

  • 2 Heliodyne Gobi 406 Collectors
  • Heliodyne HelioPak 016 HX/Pump/Control Unit
  • 80 Gallon Rheem Solaraide

Each of these systems will reduce the owner’s utility bill substantially by using sunlight to generate heat and electricity. The Solar Electric system will generate electricity primarily in the afternoon, and is designed to minimize the effects of shading from various minor sources. The backup portion of this system uses sunlight to keep batteries charged and to power appliances, and provides 2-3 days of reserve power in case of cloudy weather.

The water heating system combines two smaller remote tanks into a single larger tank with a plumbing interconnection. Solar energy provides approximately 75% of the water heating needs of the home, while a backup electrical element provides the balance. A pushbutton-style water circulator conveniently brings hot water to more distant locations in the large home.