Nov 13, 2016
Spotlight Solar Partners

Solar Alternatives is proud to partner with Spotlight Solar to bring a new visibility and additional value to commercial solar installations. Spotlight Solar’s flagship line …

Aug 21, 2016
Flood Safety for Solar Systems


FLOOD SAFETY FOR SOLAR SYSTEMS If you live in an area affected by recent floods in Louisiana, your solar system electronics may have received water …

Mar 04, 2016
Solar Tax Credits Renewed

In December 2015, the generous federal tax credit for solar energy were renewed by wide margins in the US House and Senate. The extended credit …

Oct 24, 2015
Hurricane Season Still In Force

While the US Gulf Coast dodged a bullet so far this year having not yet witnessed major storms, it hides the fact that the strongest …

Jul 22, 2015
Pope Preaches Solar


Citing a long tradition in church scripture for the dignity of life and concern for the poor and vulnerable, Pope Francis has begun a campaign …