Who We Are

Solar Alternatives was founded in 2008 to provide affordable, productive, and durable clean energy solutions for the gulf south. We pride ourselves on responsible and customer-centered design, attention to detail in every installation, and excellent post-sales service. Our staff’s design and installation experience includes Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Photovoltaics, Glycol Closed-Loop Solar Thermal, Passive Batch Solar Thermal, Thermoplastic Solar Pool Systems, Commercial Scale Solar Process Heat and Auxiliary Residential Solar Equipment.

Solar Alternatives employs and encourages clean technology wherever possible, from recycled paper in advertisements to a clean-energy hosted website. Solar Alternatives engages the construction and real estate industries with energy efficiency options for clients, a construction materials recycling program, and preservation-minded development philosophy. Training sessions are also available for qualified groups to familiarize with the various technologies, installation methods, and financing options available with Solar Energy Systems.

With the complexity and diversity of available Solar products, it’s crucial to work with a company that can thoroughly assess your application and needs, and offer clear guidance and specific recommendations. Let our experience and professionalism lead your development with confidence and help educate you about solar energy options.