Customer Care: Enphase Monitoring Reconnection

Reconnection of Enphase Monitoring

To: Solar Alternatives Customers with Enphase Solar PV Systems

Thank you again for being a client of Solar Alternatives! We value your business and look forward to serving your solar installation for many years to come. For some of our clients, the Enphase solar system hasn’t been reporting production data to its monitoring servers recently. This document provides a few quick instructions on troubleshooting your system so that it can continue to be monitored locally and remotely.
You may be reading this because your Enphase Envoy (typically an oval white device with an LCD display) has lost its connection to the internet. Although this affects your ability to view solar production, your system may still be producing solar power. However, without a connection to the internet, Solar Alternatives cannot perform manufacturer warranty replacements or troubleshoot solar production issues. Reconnecting the Envoy may be as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable, or may require further action. Please follow these steps to attempt reconnection:envoy1

  1. To begin troubleshooting, first verify the Envoy is plugged in and operating normally.
    The +Web indicates a successful connection to the internet and –Web for the lack of a connection. You may also notice a 169.x.x.x IP address. If this is the case, the Envoy is not correctly connected to your router.
  2. If the Envoy is on and showing production, your next step is to check CAT5 (Ethernet) data cable leaving the Envoy and verifying that it’s still connected to your internet router. If these are located in the same room, this step may be easy. If they are not, a powerline Ethernet bridge will likely have been used to relay the internet signal from your router to the Envoy.+Web indicates successful connection to the internet
    Number of devices producing
    Displays the IP address for your Envoy (should be 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x Current power in watts (W)
    Lifetime energy produced (Wh, kWh, or MWh)
  3. If there is an Ethernet bridge connected, you’ll have two devices (one connected to the router
    and one connected to the Envoy). Please verify that both are plugged into a wall outlet and have the
    Ethernet cable properly plugged into the underside.Then observe what LEDs are lit. If you have a solid top and bottom LED but no activity on the middle
    LED, you may need to “pair” the two bridges together to resume communication. To pair bridges,
    you’ll need to push the reset/pair button on one device for a brief second (do not hold it longer
    than 1.5s). The power LED should begin to blink. When this occurs, repeat the same procedure on
    the bridge in the other room. If successful, you’ll notice activity on the middle LED and should see
    +WEB as well as a valid IP address on the Envoy shortly.tenda1
  4. If you have a wireless adapter attached to your Envoy, please contact us for further instructions
    on reconnection. Upon re-establishing connection, the Envoy may take a few days to upload past data to the servers. If you see +Web on the Envoy, your system should be successfully connected. It is important to keep your system connected to the internet to ensure that it is monitored and serviceable.Please let us know if you have any difficulty reconnecting, and we’ll be happy to assist you!